Kenya Kiruga

Clean and crisp cup with notes of vanilla, brown sugar and floral in taste.
Recommended brewing method
SCA score:
89 +
SL 2, SL 34
2000 masl
Step-by-step instructionS
Cup profile depends on the filter:
Chemex paper filter: extremely clean bean taste with no distractions and light body, usually brewed for 1–2 cups.
Usual paper filter: clean fresh taste with nuances of flavors and light body, usually brewed for 1–2 cups.
Chemex metal filter: quite rich taste with discernible flavors and middle body (might be a bit silty), usually brewed for 1–2 cups
Rinse the filter with hot water
Put 30g (≈4,5 tbs) of coffee (medium coarse grind) in the filter (you can use more coffee if you want a more intense flavor)
Gently pour 60g of hot water (92°-94°C) in circular motions to wet the coffee.
Wait for 30 seconds
Add the remaining 200g and enjoy your coffee
Slowly pour in 240g of the hot water in small portions to keep the water level at least 1 inch below the top
HOW TO (3 min):
about kenya COFFEE
Othaya Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited is situated about 150km north of Kenya's capital of Nairobi in Othaya Town, Nyeri County.

Othaya is sandwiched between Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges, at an altitude of 1828 meters (approximately 6000 feet) above sea level. This is where the world-famous Arabica coffee is grown. The Society was registered in 1956 as a coffee marketing society with an initial membership of 250 farmers.
Currently, the Society has 19 factories with a total membership of 15,000 small scale farmers. It has 13 management and 3 supervisory committee members. The Society has coffee nurseries for coffee seedlings, 19 coffee factories/wet mills and store outlets in each of the wet mills for provision of farm inputs. The Society also has a dry mill that serves the 19 coffee factories through finance raised by selling shares to the members. All coffee from Othaya Farmers’ Co-operative Society is Fairtrade Certified. One of the factories belonging to this giant co-operative is Chinga wet mill. This wet mill built in 1987 and is in Karuthi sub-location is between two rivers Rwarai and Chinga River.
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