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Having more than 18 years of experience in the field of F&B, we understand the challenges that cafes, restaurants and coffee shops face dealing with suppliers.
- Sourced, processed, graded and stored according to the best industry standards.
- Freshly roasted (not more than 1 week from the roast date).
Every restaurant is unique in its atmosphere, menu, concept and guest preferences.

Having our own coffee roasting facility, we are able to create the coffee product, which will reflect your business identity and perfectly fit the ideal taste profile for your customers.
- Consistent quality, in accordance with the approved roasting profile.
- Delivered quickly and always in time.
You can always expect your coffee beans to be:
If you wish your coffee to be packaged in your branded bags, we can do that too.
Whether you need a basic coffee brewing training or a certified training course, we can do it all.

Our facility has all the necessary equipment and our stuff and partners have the skills and experience to share with you.

We will make sure that the learning process will suite any level and will become more than just training, but a team building experience.
The market of coffee is growing, so does the market of coffee equipment and accessories.

New brewing tools and methods emerge every year.
The amount of different options might be overwhelming.
- Choose the equipment that will be right for your business.
- Service the coffee equipment.
- Implement new trends in coffee brewing.
We are always here to help you:
Please contact us for any of your coffee needs.
Our mission is to make your brand expressed in the cup of coffee you serve to your customers.