Classe 5 reinvigorates Rancilio's entry-level commercial offering with improved volumetric controls and a fancy new case over the Epoca that came before it. Dead-simple programming, care and maintenance can be yours alongside a price point perfect for beginning baristas and small coffee shops alike.

Steam Boiler: 5L
Dimensions WxHxD: 52cm x 61cm x 54cm
Weight: 50Kg
Power: 220 - 240 V, 3000W
Key Features
Volumetric Programming
A press-and-hold style programming setup makes it easy to set shot times.
Steam Control
Flick the dial down for quick steam feathering, or up for full-bore steaming.
Independent Heat Exchangers
Each group head pulls from its own heat exchanger for consistent shot-to-shot heat.
Cup WarmeR
A topside-located cup warmer harnesses the excess heat from the large boiler for toasty cups on-demand.
Easy Programming
The Classe 5's programming is easy to set and daisy-chains from left to right for quick setup and painless adjustments.
Quick Uptime
The conservatively-sized heat exchange boiler offers quick heating and quicker recovery times than larger units.
USB Updates:
Get up-to-date software changes and bug fixes with a simple plug and play USB slot.
Tall Versions
Making a lot of lattes? Tall versions of the Classe 5 offer an expanded cup clearance up to 5.7 inches.
Maintenance Friendly
Care and maintenance are easy thanks to the simple features, commercial parts and spacious interior.
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