Lively cup with peach tea, apricot, vanilla and sweet chocolate in taste.
Recommended brewing method
Manantiales Del Frontino
Anaerobic Natural
SCA score:
the flavor profile
Step-by-step instructionS
Cup profile: clean fresh taste with nuances of flavors and light body, usually brewed for 1–2 cups
HOW TO (3 min):
Rinse filter with hot water and pour it away
Put 20g (3 tbs) of coffee (medium coarse grind)
inside Hario V60 filter
Slowly pour in 60g of hot water (92°-93°C) every 30 seconds, until you reach 300g
Enjoy your coffee
The Coffee and Process

MARAGOGIPE Maragogipe, also called elephant bean, is a variety of arabica that produces an extremely large, and porous bean. First discovered growing near the town of Maragogipe, in the north-eastern state of Bahia. Transplanted into the farmer's terroir to grow best at altitudes of 1750 to 1810 m.a.s.l. highest altitude possible to bring out its intrinsic characteristics. Maragogipe is well renowned for its flavor of tropical fruits and savory spices that combined with its high caramel-like sweetness and its heavier body create a flavor
explosion in the palate. This Maragogipe is natural processed with anaerobic special fermentation that requires a lot of care, temperature control and releasing of CO2 every 48 hours, along with a careful 14 days drying process to achieve exotic aromatic composition and tastes and a long shelf life.

The Producer and Farm

MANANTIALES DEL FRONTINO ESTATE 1st & 3rd PLACE CUP OF EXCELLENCE 2018 Farmers Andrés and Olga Lucía Londoño, the third generation of coffee producers and entrepreneurs. The Estate, located on a hill of the Central Andes mountain with an altitude of approximately 1950 meters above sea level. Across dozens of springs and surrounded by a vast untouched mist forest which they like to call the fivesense forest because of the multisensory experience you can enjoy when you walk inside. You can feel, hear, touch, smell and taste the flavor of nature. These particular characteristics of a magnificent terroir and environmental conditions allow it to have a unique microclimate for producing the highest quality coffee. On this farm there are seven varieties of coffee Caturra, Castillo, Maragogipe, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Gesha, and Tabi, each one planted in micro-lots. Jorge Isaza, the administrator of the farm, also an agronomist, with a Q grader license. Jorge is in charge of monitoring the coffee from when the seed is
acquired until it is taken to threshing. Moreover, a team of an agronomist, agricultural engineers, food engineers are part of the team that makes this farm so special. Social and environmental responsibility are key factors to Andrés and Olga, as the farm works in conjunction with the community for rural development. Manantiales is a farm full of fauna and flora, it is common to find wild animals, therefore, hunting is prohibited. The preservation of all species is a priority. The farm has acquired the Rainforest Alliance certification since 2018.
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